Tigerboy's Domain Aug 4, 2010, 5pm : My MZ almost gets smushed!

Today was just like any other old summer day of riding into work. It turned out to be anything other than ordinary.

Normally I park under the tree if I think it's going to rain. Well, I decided for some reason, it didn't look like rain, they were calling for a thunderstorm later, but hey my bike is waterproof anyway, so I'll just take a regular parking spot.

Then just before 5pm, it hit, and HOW.

I watched outside my office window the storm turn violent, sheets of rain. Good thing my colleague's Audi was shielding my bike from the wind because I was certain it would have blown over otherwise, given how it was swaying in the wind. It was much too fierce go out and do anything.

Then the tree limbs quickly broken and fell to the ground.
Wow, good thing I didn't park my bike under them. I would have then had one smushed Baghira. Whew!

You can see the storm made quick work of that tree.
Good thing my other colleague had to leave early that day or else he would certainly be dealing with an insurance claim on his car.

Boy was I lucky.

My bike survived the storm.

I shudder to think all that could have gone wrong. It was just by chance I decided not to take advantage of the parking under the tree, which I surely would have done, had all the parking spots been taken, which could have easily happened, since I got to work late that morning. There was only one spot available for my bike. This photo should make it very obvious I would have ended up with one smushed MZ otherwise.

I still have my transportation to get home. And my MZ started up like a charm, like nothing happened :-)

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